Pillars of Wisdom

Pillars are structural supports, upright stones or masonry that help hold the building together. They can also be symbolic, like the pillars in front of Solomon’s Temple, Jachin and Boaz. Pillars in the lives of individuals are those principles upon which the structure of life is based.

In the early 1990s I wrote a book about the principles of a happy life, the pillars of wisdom that I had observed to that point. It was a different time then; despite the proclamation that the “end of history” had been reached with the fall of the Soviet Union, history really did continue and now we find ourselves surrounded by turmoil, conflict, anxiety, and dissatisfaction.

While some details might need reconsideration in light of recent research and intervening events, the pillars discussed in that book, titled Improve the Moment, remain true. Glance through it online; if you find it worthwhile, you may download a copy for a small fee. Or you may consider a small donation. This will help us continue to promote the good, the true, and the beautiful.


Your Guide to a Happier and More Civilized Life

in the Twenty-first Century


Roderick Saxey, M.D.

Improve the Moment

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