At Lake Keechelus

I was born and raised in Oregon and Washington. Life has taken me to Utah, Austria, Washington D.C., Virginia, Texas, California, and many places in-between–and our six children and 10 grandchildren will take us to many more–still, the Pacific Northwest remains home.

In school I studied Anthropology, Religion, History, and finally Medicine, but my first love has always been reading and writing. My first publications were a short story in The Ensign in 1972 and a book called The Federalist, Excerpts and Commentary in 1994, now available in second edition through Amazon. All Enlisted, A Mormon Missionary in Austria During the Vietnam Era is a memoir of missionary life, but includes much more, with comments on politics, war, history, and civilization. This also is available from Amazon and Kindle in a revised edition.

My latest book is a novel called The Trillium Girl, about a child who tries to save the wildflowers in the woods behind her home, based on the experiences of one of my daughters. I also recently published Turning the Hearts: Counsel for my Distant Descendants, a collection of talks, essays, and other writings over the last few decades. Amazon recently created a new “author’s page.” Here is the address of mine: https://www.amazon.com/author/docsaxey.

This blog includes many other texts or links, some previously published as well as unpublished. The goal is to share thoughts on history, religion, philosophy, literature, politics, and life in general, and to be interesting, not too trivial or trite. It is all right to be a fool; so long as I am God’s fool, all will be well in the end. Your comments are welcome. I will take them with as many grains of salt as you take mine.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your most excellent writing; whoever said science and religion don’t mix, is hence proven incorrect. Science International published more than thirty years ago, an article explaining the age of accountability in children as being eight years. Perhaps you have some medical insight about that. I wish I had kept the article as I have searched on line with no success.

    Brian Marshall


    • No special insight about the age of eight, except that in various psychological and neurological models that is when most people have a sense of right and wrong. Basically, it takes time for the neural pathways to be complete and fully functional. For instance, abstract reasoning in general is not possible in young children because they literally do not have the brain power to do it–that kicks in late in adolescence, and sometimes later. As all parents know, we are born not when ready to function in the world, but when the Mother can’t carry us anymore. Thanks for reading, and Best Wishes!


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